Experience Oliver Kahn as an inspirational speaker!

Based on his many years of experience as the captain of FC Bayern Munich and the German national team, the three-time world goalkeeper describes in an exciting, impressive and humorous way which skills from his playing days help him to remain successful as an entrepreneur.

On the basis of numerous examples Oliver Kahn shows how he adapted the success principles from his active time to a highly dynamic corporate environment. Anyone who believes that in times of extreme changes with the traditional mantras about success, to bring top performance, will be surprised how Oliver Kahn has succeeded in breaking old patterns of thinking.

To find clarity about his mission, to deal productively with successes and setbacks, and to make people and employees strong, are the essential contents of his lectures.

Numerous entrepreneurs use lectures by Oliver Kahn to increase motivation, enthusiasm, initiative, self-commitment, customer relations or sales activities significantly and in the long term.

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These topics embeds the entrepreneur Oliver Kahn in the context of the various events. Enthusiasm and sustainability are therefore guaranteed for:

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Customer comments on presentations

“The former world goalkeeper Oliver Kahn presents itself at the summit of the world market leaders eloquently and flawlessly.”

Hartmut RufferFebruar 2017

“Oliver Kahn has impressed- rather said thrilled – our worldwide executives. He did not only review the great moments of football with us, but he also always made a connection to everyday business life – true to life, profund and yet with a lot of humor.”

Andreas MöllerJuly 2017

“Oliver Kahn impressed and inspired our 700 guests – entrepreneurs and decision-makers – with his presentation. Professional and humorous, he has discussed parallels between competitive sports and entrepreneurship and has also revealed his personal formula for success in both areas of life. Oliver Kahn ist a great speaker who knows how to convey his message through concrete examples from his career, leaving a lasting impression on his listeners.”

Anne JungMarch 2018