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Intuitive Game Competence


Continued dependence on conventional methodologies can compromise international competitiveness and readiness for the future of football. The foundation for essential adaptations and improvements rests on continuous analysis of top tier football and the systematic gathering of Ideas for performance enhancement. The Oliver Kahn Academy synergizes the most recent scientifically validated findings with the proficiency and experience of its staff, employing diverse methodological approaches to optimize player development. At its core, the OKA maintains a player centric training methodology rooted in specific principles, efficiently cultivating and challenging „Intuitive Game Competence“.


The Oliver Kahn Academy emphasizes the need for innovative approaches in football. We blend analytics from top tier football & scientific research with experienced staff to optimize player development, focusing on „Intuitive Game Competence.“ We also use specialized position profiles to identify top tier player qualities and tailor training accordingly, aiming to prepare talents for elite competition.

Focus on individual qualities

Focus on intuitive game competence

Methodology individual player attributes

Based on the current and, more importantly, the projected profile of requirements in international elite football, the team at the Oliver Kahn Academy has identified overarching individual quality attributes that define top-tier footballers. These attributes have been integrated into our training methodology and include, among others:

Top basics

Technical-tactical solutions for all game situations

1 vs. 1

Individual qualities in one-on-one situations


Exceptional strengths as “difference-makers” & unique potentials as “gamechangers” contingent upon the forecasted position

Game intelligence

Recognizing and addressing ever-evolving situational demands while resolving complex game situations through versatility and creativity

„Our modular education services for Players and coaches reach from a grass roots to a professional level. The integrated system combines personal and digital coaching solutions to create a maximum impact.“


Taking the initial conversations into account our project team will further analyze the existing structure followed by jointly designing the new framework.


We use different methodologies to achieve maximum impact for your team and organisation.

Our coaching zone of both your Players and coaches focuses on the five most important areas in football training.
„Sharing my knowledge and empowering others is the heart and gravity centre of the Oliver Kahn Academy. Our vision is to drive the future development of professional and grass roots Football around the world.“

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