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Support our project!

Support our project!


Berlin Wedding

Safe-Hub Berlin

The Safe Hub football pitch has opened its doors in Wedding, Berlin! The Safe Hub provides a unique space of safety and inspiration for young people in the district of Wedding. Join us and support this remarkable project!


To firmly anchor the Safe Hub in Wedding, we have been offering sports education programmes in the district since 2017. We are already working with 12,000 children, young people and adults across Germany through school clubs, train-the-trainer workshops, training sessions on public football pitches and a project for young women – always with the ultimate goal of creating more equal opportunities.

Oliver Kahn-Foundation

The Oliver Kahn Foundation aims to use the appeal of football to empower young people. To this end, we support the creation of Safe Hubs to motivate and support structurally disadvantaged children and young people. Each Safe Hub is designed to be a safe space equipped with a football pitch and an education campus.
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