Oliver Kahn

Innovative education and sport campus

What is a Safe Hub?

A Safe Hub is an innovative education and sports campus for structurally disadvantaged young people.

What makes the Safe Hub model so special is the novel combination of individual support, education and sport. Our cooperation partner AMANDLA developed the Safe Hub model and has already successfully implemented it at six locations in South Africa.

The Oliver Kahn Foundation and AMANDLA set themselves the joint goal of building Europe's first Safe Hub in Berlin.

Im November 2023 haben wir den Sportplatz des Berliner Safe-Hubs eröffnet.

Mit dem Safe-Hub entsteht ein besonderer Ort für junge Menschen im Wedding – sicher und inspirierend zugleich-

Join us and support this unique project!

Safe Hub in detail

The Safe Hub infrastructure consists of a multi-purpose building and small, versatile sports pitches with high-quality artificial turf.

The former offers space for holistic educational programmes, plus office and consultation rooms. The Safe Hub infrastructure is designed to be used around the clock, making it available for school sports as well as sports clubs.

On the pitch, we implement the EduFootball training programme, which focuses on instilling fair play values and social skills.

We also work with youth facilities and partners who make use of our infrastructure to offer additional leisure, educational and counselling services. Thanks to these partnerships, we can organise a broad and well balanced range of leisure activities designed to positively impact the local community.

Berlin's Mitte district also plans to build a sports hall on the site, which will enable us both to expand our EduFootball programmes and to run them continuously even in adverse weather conditions.

Why Wedding?

Wedding is one of the most structurally underdeveloped districts in Berlin. In general, children are the age group most often affected by poverty in the city, and children in Berlin face a higher risk of poverty than the national average.

Moreover, social mobility – opportunities to move up the social ladder – is extremely low here. The Safe Hub concept aims to actively address this problem and trigger long-term systemic change.

We want to specifically support socially disadvantaged groups living in Wedding and help them to improve their performance at school. In this way, the Safe Hub can benefit a large number of children and young people who otherwise, for structural reasons, have limited access to extracurricular education, after-school activities and support for individual talent.

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