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The EduFootball programme is at the heart of the Safe Hub. It uses age-specific and structured games and sporting activities to instil a zest for life and positive behaviour in young people.

Innovative afternoon programmes feature a combination of football matches, training, social skills development, holistic education, tutoring and mentoring.

Making the Safe Hub a physically and emotionally safe space creates a solid foundation for EduFootball. Children aged five to ten are guided towards learning through a tailored, play-based programme. The eleven to sixteen-year-old participants develop social skills and positive values through football, while young people aged 17 and over acquire knowledge and skills to help them become independent and confident adults and ease their entry into the labour market.

für Kinder und Jugendliche

We have been offering sports education programmes for young people in Berlin's Wedding district since 2017. We already reach 12,000 children and young people across Germany through school clubs, football training on public pitches and a project for young women. We offer a varied and innovative programme of activities for children and young people with minimal barriers to entry. They have the opportunity to exercise and enhance their social skills through sport, and to benefit from a wide range of individual support programmes in the afternoon. What's more, our tailored training programme teaches young people important values such as respect, team spirit and tolerance.

School Hub

As part of our SCHOOL HUB project, we are already running our training programme at five primary schools in Wedding on a weekly basis. Through playful exercises, the coaches impart vital social skills such as self-confidence, dealing with emotions, motivation, resilience, responsibility, cooperation and respect.

Girls Hub

With our GIRLS HUB project, we support a team of talented young women from Berlin in the areas of education, sport and personal development. Our aim is to constructively tackle the complex social obstacles that hinder girls' access to sport. To this end, we are building a community that promotes strong female role models who will positively influence people around them.
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Since February 2022, we have been offering “Bolzplatz Sessions” at a public pitch on Zeppelinplatz in Wedding. Kids aged anywhere between 6 and 25 can attend these public, low-threshold training sessions twice a week. As well as teaching technical football skills, our trainers impart vital social skills such as self-confidence, motivation and dealing with frustration. With our Bolzplatz Sessions, we strive to build the children’s resilience and mindfulness and sensitise them to the social aspects of sport.

Train the Trainer

Since 2017, we have been offering our train-the-trainer workshops nationwide. In this full-day format, we aim to raise awareness among full-time and volunteer football coaches on topics such as self-reflection, imparting social skills and resolving conflicts. In the first part of the workshop, participants explore together how they see their own role as a coach, and they shift their perspective to see themselves from the players' point of view. Through moderated, interactive exercises, the coaches gain a greater awareness of the importance of social skills on and off the field.

In the following practical session, trainers bring the theoretical framework they have learned onto the pitch. Using role-playing exercises, the participants recreate situations from their everyday training and matches and work together to develop strategies for resolving conflicts and cultivating young players.

Our workshop equips coaches with self-developed tools that they can use to support their teams and individual players – helping to build their characters as well as enhance their football skills. Since 2021, we have been cooperating with the Football Associations of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lower Saxony, among others, and we offer a separate module for trainers to gain their C and B licences. To date, we have organised a total of 73 workshops with 982 participants.

The PlayMaker programme

PlayMaker is a pioneering programme from Safe Hub designed to help young people prepare well for their future and gain their first professional experience. Our aim is to offer young people aged 16 to 24 an opportunity to gain support in their personal and professional development.

Once a week, the participants join a group of children on the sports pitch and support an EduFootball training session. This gives them the opportunity to utilise their skills and strengths while gaining valuable experience.
PlayMaker is a 9-month programme to promote career development through sport, guiding young people on their path to a successful professional future and empowering them as positive role models for their community.

Supported Children

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