Oliver Kahn


Congratulations FC Bayern team! I am especially delighted for Thomas Tuchel, who, with clever tactics, has led the team to the Champions League semi-finals. The dream lives on!

As we look at European and global realities, we see ever-increasing investments in football. Why this, and much more, is an exciting topic, you'll find out SportBild issue


Happy Easter to all of you and your families - enjoy the holidays!

20 seconds of questions and answers, recorded during my MeetYourMaster course about willpower.

Contributing to a documentary about a versatile player with unique tactical intelligence.

Toni Kroos posted this reminder of the first time both of us stood on the pitch together and noted how important the influence and encouragement of leaders is for younger players. A lesson that can be transferred to any other field of life.

Happy 80th birthday to Sepp, a true goalkeeping legend, my personal role model, and one of my dearest friends. Thank you for accompanying me throughout all those years and always pushing me to achieve my absolute best as a goalkeeper. Stay healthy and keep your unique sense of humor!

‚Sepp Maier – Lebenslinien‘

Impressions from an exciting production day above the rooftops of Munich.


Farewell to Andreas, who always kept his love for our favorite sport. I will never forget our great times together with the national team, his down to earth and humorous personality bringing joy to everyone.
Long time no see 🧤This pair of gloves were worn by 🇩🇪Oliver Kahn at the FIFA World Cup 2002 but they are part of the FIFA Museum collection now. The former international goalkeeper had the chance to try if they still fit after more than 20 years during his visit to the FIFA Museum in Zürich🇨🇭


Sad to hear we have lost a true legend of our sport. Farewell Franz, thank you for always retaining your easy-going manner and your authenticity.

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